National Dog Week

Looking for a reason to celebrate your dog? Look no further, the 90th National
Dog Week is happening the last week of September. Dog lovers across the country will celebrate September 23rd -29th, 2018.

As described by The American Kennel Club, “Established in 1928, it was the brainchild of Captain Will Judy, a veteran of World War I and an ordained minister who devoted his life to educating Americans on the spiritual bond connecting the human and canine species.” Every dog has his day, but it took Will Judy to give him a week.

Dogs give endless love, await our arrivals when we’re gone and provide companionship when we need it most. National Dog Week is a chance to get back on track and show how much you truly appreciate your dog this week.

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The Pack has assembled a list of things you can do to celebrate your dog.

• Take 5 minutes from your day to play with your dog

• Take them to the vet for a check-up. Make sure your
dog is up to date with their shots

• Idulge them to a spa day with a dog groomer

• Pamper them with some new toys or treats

• Take some new photos for the photo album with
your dog and family

• Host a party for all the dogs on the block or your friends’ dogs

• Attend Bark for Brews

• Treat your pup for a Dog Walk with their favorite professional Dog Walker while you are at work or away for an extended time

Not a dog owner, but want to participate in National Dog Week?

• Donate money or food

• Volunteer at a local pet shelter

• Give a little extra love to the dogs you see while you’re out

• Adopt a new best friend from the local pet shelter

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