Need Help with House-training?

Housetraining is one of the most sought out topics for dog training, and rightfully so. Training a pet to relieve themselves in the right places is no easy task.


Successful housetraining is a combination of 4 major things:

1. Containment
Crate training is popular for pets who are not being directly supervised. Another option is to tie a leash to your dog and link it to your belt loop, so your dog is with you at all times. This makes it easy for you to quickly move your dog outside if they start to eliminate in the house.

2. Schedule
Most pets, especially young ones, eliminate a few minutes before or after they eat or drink.

Puppies will typically need to eliminate:

  • When they first wake up in the morning
  • After a play session (or even sometimes during!)
  • After a nap
  • Just after drinking
  • Just before or just after he eats
  • After chewing on a bone or chew toy
  • If he hasn’t been out for an hour or two

3. Odor Removal
When your dog eliminates in the house, the most important thing is to remove all traces of the odor, or the dog will continue to eliminate in the spot. Use products sold specifically to eliminate pet urine and feces odors that you can purchase at most pet supply shops. Nature’s Miracle and Simple Solution are two brand names for such products.

4. Praise
Always praise your dog enthusiastically when he eliminates in the correct place, as this will let him know that he is doing the right thing by going outside. If you want him to eliminate in a certain area of the yard, bring him out to this area on leash and wait for him to eliminate. You can add in a “Go Potty!” cue while he is eliminating so he can associate this cue with his bodily function.


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