10 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer

Summertime is filled with beach trips, fun holiday celebrations, and warm-sunshiny days. Along with all the wonderful things Summer brings, there are additional precautions you must take for your pets.


  1. Never leave your pets in your vehicle.
  2. Do not walk dogs or allow them to exercise or play hard during the very hot weather.
  3. Don’t forget, your pets have delicate skin in the sun. Use sunscreen, especially to protect pets with white fur.
  4. Know the signs of heat exhaustion.
  5. Keep your pets cool indoors when necessary.
  6. During the summer, more time is spent outside—often without the use of a leash. Always be mindful of leash laws and your pet’s recall ability.
  7. Watch pets closely around open windows and when on open-air balconies.
  8. Be mindful of water safety for your pets.
  9. Don’t let cookouts and summer parties turn into bad experiences for your pets. Ensure they’re not overwhelmed by crowds.
  10. Be aware of hazards in your garden and garage. Check your yard for Bufo Toads and snakes before letting pets out.

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